1625 Sonny Schulz Blvd, Suite D
Stevensville MD | Directions »


CrossFit (6am, 5:30pm)
Work Capacity:
AMRAP in 12 minutes:
– 20 GHD Sit-ups
– 10 Overhead Walking Lunges, 50/30# in right hand
– 10 Overhead Walking Lunges, 50/30# in left hand

Strength WOD (5am, 4:30pm)
Strength: Snatch-grip Deadlift 5×3 @ 85% 1RM

Work Capacity:
Repeat this 2-minute AMRAP 4 times:
– 4 Deadlifts, 315/215 lbs
– As many calories on the Rower as possible
Rest 2 minutes in between AMRAPs

"If you have nothing else to do, look about you and see if there isn't something close at hand that you can improve! It may make you wealthy, though it is more likely that it will make you happy." - George Matthew Adams