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Hi guys,

Some of you may know I was interviewed a couple months ago by Athlete Daily, a fitness blog, about my experience with SEALFIT, and specifically how it helps with my CrossFit training.  Check out that article here if you missed it!

Denee and I were talking the other day about staying productive and efficient during the day, based on a quote we had both just read from the Daily Stoic, “Life is not short, we just waste too much of it.”  Out of that discussion, we started talking about making sure that we were doing everything we could fitness-wise outside of the gym to recover well, and not spend too much time on things that would adversely affect fitness.  I started thinking about writing a blog about this, and then randomly opened Athlete Daily’s blog to check out if they had anything.

They do.

Enjoy, and think about one thing in this article that you need to improve on.  Make a plan, and get to work!