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why crossfit?

CrossFit is not for everybody, but it is for anybody. Whether you are a competitive soccer player or a sedative soccer mom, CrossFit is the right fitness program for your needs. It is demanding, envigorating, and life-changing.

According to CrossFit’s founder Greg Glassman, CrossFit’s prescription is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements.” What does that mean to you? It means that other than classic benchmark workouts, you will rarely do the same workout twice. It means that once you achieve consistency with the movements, we will ramp up the intensity of your workouts, jump-starting your fitness level like you will not believe. And it means that we focus on functional movements – instead of bicep curls we do pullups, instead of getting on the leg sled we do squats. We will transform you into a complete athlete, able to accomplish the everyday tasks more easily and the unforeseen tasks with confidence.

Maybe you’ve been doing CrossFit workouts on your own and want to be a part of a CrossFit community. Maybe you just heard of CrossFit through a friend or saw the latest Reebok CrossFit commercial. However you got to this point, the important part is that you are reading this right now. Take the next step, give us a call or an email, and let’s get started on your CrossFit journey togther!

Phone: (443) 988-2145 | Email: ryan@crossfitkentisland.com




After the On-Ramp: CrossFit group classes

This is the best option for athletes with some background in CrossFit, or those that prefer to learn in the group atmosphere. Our class sizes are small so that each athlete does get individual attention and the coaching required to develop their skills and fitness level.

There are three rates to choose from, depending on how often you would like to attend class:

– 2 Classes per Week: $100/month
– 3 Classes per Week: $125/month
– Unlimited Classes: $150/month

You may purchase 1 month of classes, or contracts lasting 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. If you purchase an extended contract, you lock in the current monthly rate for that entire period.

The “drop-in” rate for individual group classes is $20 per class.

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– All rates are discounted by 20% for military, police, fire, first responders, and full-time students

– Family members of existing CrossFit Kent Island members are eligible for an additional 50% off of their monthly fee

getting started.

The first step in joining our community is to take advantage of our free introductory workout! The introductory workout includes a discussion about your previous fitness experience and goals, instruction on basic movements, and then of course a quick CrossFit workout to give you a taste of what it is like.






This is our entry program – 4 private sessions for $100 where you get to learn all the fundamental movements that we use in a low-stress environment, and practice them in some fun workouts. The On-Ramp program is mandatory for new CrossFitters, and recommended for those who have taken some time off.