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The Box.

We offer individual and small-group CrossFit training for everyone on The Shore. Our membership is diverse, including competitive athletes, working parents, retirees looking for a fun workout, and even kids! The community of athletes that has been built since May 2012 at CrossFit Kent Island is a vibrant, enthusiastic bunch that is very welcoming to new members and their families.

Our training program follows the CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement, executed at high intensity,” and to do that, we focus our instruction on gymnastics (bodyweight movements, including work on the bars and rings), weightlifting, and conditioning exercises like running, rowing, and jumping. We combine these movements in varied but well-planned workouts so that over the course of time you will become proficient in everything, not just one segment of fitness.

The “high intensity” piece comes through our use of the ever-present clock. Now you know how to do a squat — how many can you do in a minute? Here are three exercises, a burpee, a box jump, and a run — how fast can you do 3 rounds of that sequence? The clock never lies, but it does show you improvement. We repeat benchmark workouts every few months to show you just how much more fit you are becoming.

At CrossFit Kent Island, our coaches will discuss nutrition with you. We do not force a diet plan on our athletes, because nutritional needs are different for everyone. We will educate you on the optimal way to fuel your body for performance, and how to make the right choices. It is difficult to always eat the best food, and nobody is perfect. We acknowledge that, and do not advocate a strict 100% Paleo plan. After all, on Friday night after a tough workout, sometimes the right choice is a cold beer!

We value our community at CrossFit Kent Island and there is no greater community than family.  We have a special kids room designated for little guys and gals to hang out while Mom and Dad get their fitness on!  We also currently offer 5 supervised hours per week in the kids room which gives parents 5 sessions of CrossFit per week where they can drop little ones off.  Our kids room is open to infants up to 10 years old.




The Coaches



Ryan Wolf

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer | CrossFit Kids Trainer | CrossFit Gymnastics | CrossFit Mobility | SEALFIT Kokoro Graduate

Favorite WOD :: “Grace” at the same time a great test of strength, stamina, and work capacity. And it’s super short!
Least Favorite WOD :: “Karen” – 150 Wallballs… enough said
Advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit :: No matter your fitness level, you’re at the perfect place to start. Everything is scaleable!

Ryan’s Game Plan

When I think about why I started CrossFit Kent Island in early 2012, it’s because I’ve always strived to be a part of something special.  I was two years into my business degree at Penn State when I realized I didn’t want to be a “business man.”  I joined the ROTC program and set my sights on becoming a Navy SEAL.  I was training hard with like-minded candidates, competing with each other for a spot at BUD/S but at the same time encouraging each other and bonding through shared suffering.  Two years later, I found myself back at square one, an issue with my heart preventing me from my career choice.  I was distraught but kept up hope even as I began working in the healthcare industry as a management consultant.  A friend told me about SEALFIT, a hardcore blend of CrossFit, strength and endurance training, and it reminded me of back in the day.  When I didn’t have time for a 2-hour workout though, I narrowed it down to just the CrossFit portion, and realized that was a lot of fun!  The CrossFit community also reminded me of my Navy training buddies – competitive, encouraging, and bonded through hardship — these were tough workouts!  I began to feel like a part of something special again, and I dove in headfirst.

After CrossFitting on my own for a couple years,  I joined CrossFit gyms in Florida and Louisiana.  That was a total “you haven’t been doing it right” wake-up call!  I learned that proper technique, having access to the right equipment, and not changing workouts to suit what you want to do, are all keys to success in fitness.

I love the constant challenge that CrossFit provides – the same workout can kick your butt in different ways if you’re just learning or if you’re chiseling away at your personal best time. As a coach, I strive to bring people a little bit further out of their comfort zones and more toward that natural athlete that is in all of us.  I love having the opportunity to lead this special community of fire-breathing CrossFitters on Kent Island!

My wife Denee and I live on Kent Island with our two little dudes, Everett and Oliver. When we can get some free time we love to sail and ski.


Denee Wolf

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | CrossFit Kids Trainer | CrossFit Gymnastics

Favorite WOD :: “Annie” because Double-Unders are my jam. They were one of my first goals in CrossFit, and now I feel like they’re a real strong point.
Least Favorite WOD :: “Karen”. 150 wallballs = not cool



Denee’s Game Plan

I first started CrossFit because I needed something to push me into getting back into the athletic shape I was in prior to my career and kids taking over! I needed something quick that would get results and push me to improve.

I started coaching because it aligns nicely with the best part of my career — teaching people to do the fundamentals and seeing them continually develop over time.

Jason Burpee Close-upJason Shand

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer | CrossFit Kids Trainer | CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting | CrossFit Scaling

Favorite WOD :: “Lumberjack 20” – Heavy lifting and running, it’s a match made in heaven!
Least Favorite WOD :: “Kalsu” 100 Heavy Thrusters and Burpees.  It’s one of the only WODs where I can actually remember the pain.
Advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit :: There is more to gain in life in training your weaknesses than continuously working on your strengths.  Leave your ego at the door and just embrace the journey!


My fitness journey has been an interesting one.  I’m an athlete from a family of athletes.  In high school, I played football, baseball, and ran track.  My father played pro hockey, my little brother plays college hockey and my little sister is an All American volleyball player.  

During and after college, I tried to stay active and played rec league sports.  I always focused on keeping myself in shape.  Then on October 3, 2009, my older brother got in a car accident and died.  

I went back to Texas and helped my parents deal with everything.  Within a year, I had gone from 195 pounds to 285 pounds.  I moved back to Maryland and one morning I woke up and thought about how pissed off my brother would be if he saw me.  In steps CrossFit and I haven’t looked back.


Lori McClelland

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | CrossFit Gymnastics

Favorite WOD :: Such a loaded question! It’s hard to choose, but I would say, “Grace”. I love clean and jerks, it’s one of my favorite lifts.
Least Favorite WOD :: Any WOD that involves lots of running. I really hate to run, but I know that just means I should run more.

Lori’s Game Plan

I first started doing CrossFit to challenge myself. I was already working out regularly, but was getting so bored with globo-gym fitness classes. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and really push myself and that is exactly what CrossFit does!

I’m a people person, so for me being able to help people achieve better performance or conquer a new skill at the box is the best job ever. I also am a Pure Barre Instructor in Annapolis and have my AFAA Group Fitness Certification..


Hulk HoganTristan Tricarico

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Favorite WOD :: Anything long and “runny”
Least Favorite WOD :: Anything upside down

Tristan is basically the best coach in the world.  He’s tall, smells great, and is not ugly like the rest of these trolls.  He programs the hardest Hero WODs just to see the look on people’s faces.  He has his own freaking kettlebell that he painted red, white and blue.  He has a “#1 Dad” mug that he scribbled out “Dad” on and wrote “Coach”, and he drinks black coffee out of it while taking the other coaches’ classes.

Josh McClelland

CrossFit Mobility Trainer

Favorite WOD :: Karen
Least Favorite WOD :: Annie
Advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit ::  Take the time to become more aware of how your body moves. Proper movement, along with knowing and improving your limitations, is crucial to consistent performance in the gym and avoiding pain and injury. I would also stress that what you do outside of the box is more important that what you do inside of it. Make an effort to eat well, get enough sleep, alleviate stress, and give your body the time it needs to recover and repair itself.

I was introduced to CrossFit around 2005 while serving in the US Navy. I was really impressed with how every component of fitness could be addressed in one program. I was also drawn to how challenging the workouts were. My first WOD ever was “Murph” and it kicked my butt. I was also I fortunate to be in the right place at the right time when I received my level 1 certification with the founding members of CrossFit at the original Santa Cruz gym! 


alyssa-coach-picAlyssa Stookey

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Favorite WOD :: Anything with bar muscle-ups or strict handstand push-ups (it’s the retired gymnast in me!)
Least Favorite WOD :: Anything with rowing (being vertically challenged helped with gymnastics;  rowing, not so much!)

My fitness journey began when my parents enrolled me in a local YMCA gymnastic class at the age of 3 to help develop hand/eye coordination; the rest is history! I became an elite level gymnast and was able to compete at a high level in a sport I loved for 20 years (even obtaining a full, Division I Scholarship)! After retiring from a sport that defined who I was since I was 3, all of a sudden I felt a void. I tried to fill that void with running. I ran several full marathons and have ran over a dozen half marathons (to this day run the Va Beach 1/2 Marathon with my family every year), but something was still missing. My desire to compete and the adrenaline that goes along with such a desire was not being met. Then, in 2012, I found CrossFit and fell in love! I love the competitive feeling CrossFit gives me and the desire it provides within myself to always be better, to always be fitter, to always be stronger, to always strive to improve a lift or time on a benchmark workout, to always push myself to my physical and mental limits, to always push others in their fitness/CrossFit journey, and to be a part of a Community of fitness. CrossFit does all this for me! Search over, void filled…

What is your “why”? Why are you on your fitness journey? Everyone’s answer to this question is different and varies from person to person. I became a coach to help others achieve their “why”. I enjoy accompanying others on their fitness journey, facilitating their ability to reach their goals, pushing them to do things they never thought they were physically able to achieve, and helping them become a healthier version of themselves! I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!