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April 2016 | Louie Sullivan

We are super excited to honor Louie Sullivan as our April Athlete of the Month!
Louie, as you can see, is extremely strong. Like, really extremely strong. Here are some recent lifts: 365 lb Back Squat, 290 lbs Front Squat, 205 lbs Overhead Squat, 415 lbs Deadlift. We can claim some credit for him getting EVEN STRONGER than he already was, but he walked into this gym with some God-given talent there.
Where he has REALLY improved has been his speed and conditioning. Most notably in April he completed a Hero WOD, “DT”, in 9:02. That was the best score we’ve seen at CFKI, and is 93rd percentile IN THE WORLD.
What it comes down to, we’ve decided, is that Louie just doesn’t have that mental governor that slows many of us down when the workout starts to really get tough. Louie’s drive to keep moving and improve is too strong for that negative voice to get any airtime. We can all learn something from Louie, and for that we say “Thank You”, and CONGRATS to the April Athlete of the Month!

February/March 2016 | The Littles

Say “congrats” three times to our February/March Athletes of the Month – Andrew, Drew, and Maddie Little!!
We chose these three because of their tremendous drive to improve, demonstrated by their regular hard work during the 6:30pm class and Saturday throwdowns, and their very strong participation in the CrossFit Games Open through February and March. All three are at different stages of their athletic career – Maddie as a high school lacrosse player, Drew really into elite level hockey, and Andrew (Dad) is a financial professional and thus not thinking “sports!” all day but even so regularly tears it up and competes hard with his kids, which is so fun to watch.
In February and March, these three also achieved some great CrossFit milestones: Andrew with his first Bar Muscle-up, Maddie stringing together some great looking Kipping Pull-ups, and Drew deadlifting 305 lbs! The dude is 16 years old!!
Congrats again to the Littles! Keep up the great work!

November 2015 | Laura Tricarico

Congrats to our November Athlete of the Month, Laura Tricarico!
Laura and her husband Tristan, and more often their little boy Dylan, are regulars at the 7am class. You can bet that Laura is always pushing toward a goal, which most recently was her first strict pull-up this summer! That increased core and upper body strength in turn led to her first Toes-to-Bar just last week!
Laura is ultra-dialed-in on our approach of “technique, then intensity”. She is perfectly willing to stop or slow down in order to stay safe and master the fundamentals, and because of that (and add in a healthy dose of athleticism), she is one of the best movers in the gym!
Laura also contributes to the CFKI community in a huge way, as our ambassador of good nutrition. She writes a monthly Nutrition Newsletter, presented to a group of CFKI athletes on proper fueling and recovery for CrossFit, and has worked with several members on an individual basis.
Please help us congratulate Laura on her great work!

August 2015 | David Oliva

Check out David Oliva, our August Athlete of the Month!
David is a lot more… ahem… experienced than you would think from his very impressive whiteboard posts at CFKI. In fact, I’ve heard many of the evening class athletes ask who “Dave O” is, because they feel like he’s the score that they should try to beat.
That’s because David truly is a badass. Some of you might know David from other stories like “Ryan, Denee, Craig, Grantham and Matis did a GORUCK Challenge, and there just one more guy there because it was 18 degrees outside, and this dude did not ever stop!”
David just started CrossFit this summer, and brought that intensity of focus to the weights, getting stronger seemingly every day. He has always had endurance, but has improved so much in his strength game, and that in turn has given him the ability to really put a hurt on some CrossFit WODs.
Please congratulate David as our Athlete of the Month!

June 2015 | Frank Lessiak

Congratulations to our June Athlete of the Month, Frank Lessiak!
Frank has been putting in some very solid work through the spring and summer, many times coming into Open Gym to hit benchmark WODs on his own and destroying his previous times (“Jackie”, “Annie” and “Cindy” were no match for him in the past month). Plus, his weightlifting is just too photogenic not to share!
Great work, Frank, and keep it up!!

April 2015 | Julia Longchamps

Say “hi” and “good luck” to our April Athlete of the Month, Julia Longchamps!
Julia might be the easiest pick we’ve made for Athlete of the Month, given the relative impressiveness of what she has been doing. If you can’t tell from the picture, Julia is 9 months pregnant, and still working out like a champ! Of course, she is scaling some movements – no burpees, handstands or rope climbs are on the menu – but she has committed to a fit pregnancy and her determination is real! When she completes benchmarks workouts, her weights might be lighter but her times are still super-quick, showing a very high capacity for endurance. It is so amazing to see her continue to throw down on these workouts and push her peers to keep up with her!
As many of the moms in the gym have testified, Julia is due to have an easier recovery from childbirth because of her high fitness level. We’re so happy she has stayed with it and look forward to some good news soon!

March 2015 | Chris Slavin

Please welcome to the Muscle-up Club your March Athlete of the Month, Chris Slavin!  Chris is an Anne Arundel firefighter and EMT, so it is great to see him making some serious gains – Annapolis is getting safer by the minute when he’s in the gym!  Great work, Chris!!

Chris Slavin MU

February 2015 | Michelle Whitten

Say hello to February’s ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – Michelle Whitten! MIchelle has been at it in an aggressive way at CFKI in February, hitting workouts hard and getting better all the time. Example: in Wednesday’s “Jackie” benchmark WOD of 1000M Row, 50 Thrusters (35 lbs), 30 Pull-ups for time, Michelle posted a sweet 12 mins 36 secs. That beat her previous time by 36 seconds… AND she completed the WOD as Rx’d, whereas last time she used a band for pull-ups! That is such a huge accomplishment, and it shows her dedication to always getting better and ramping up the intensity of her workouts. Michelle has been CrossFitting for more than 2 years now, and is a great example of someone who strives for more and uses her uses her previous benchmark results to motivate herself to greater fitness every day. Congrats again to Michelle!!

January 2015 | Claire Leocha

Please welcome to the club Claire Leocha, our January Athlete of the Month!
Claire is currently battling through the cold to end all colds (get better, Claire!!), but before that she was back in the gym with a vengeance at the beginning of this year, beating the crap out of her benchmark workout times (like her “Elizabeth” time by 2.5 minutes), and pushing all of her evening WOD ladyfriends to kill their workouts too!
Looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for you, Claire!

August 2014 | Jen Quick

Without further ado, the CFKI Teammate of the Month for August is… Jen Quick!

Jen is constantly working toward her next goal, which went in July from getting 3 strict pull-ups to getting a better handle on her kipping pull-up. This movie shows you her great progress there! (pay no attention to the solid iPhone movie shooting and commentary in the last 5 seconds…)

Jen has improved tremendously in all facets of CrossFit due to her commitment to practice perfect reps, and get it absolutely right before moving on to her next goal. She came in to the gym as an outstanding distance runner, and now she is hitting workouts “As Rx’d” with some serious weight on the bar.
Way to be, Jen!


I have been a part of many workout programs, but none compare to that of CrossFit Kent Island. The coaches prepare a program that challenges mind and body for optimal fitness results. During the classes I received the highest level of exercise knowledge. After only one month with the gym, I am happy to give the program my best recommendations for those who might interested in taking their fitness to the next level!!
- Greg J.

"Played flag football today. First time in 5 years I was able to play defense and wide receiver! It felt really good to be able to run and have strong legs. Proof that CrossFit is working! Thanks Ryan."
- Tracy O.

I want to thank you both for being such awesome and supportive coaches!!!
When I walked in to your gym almost 2 months ago, I was in the worst shape of my life. Tonight, (after promising Ryan I would row for 15 minutes) I went on to row the whole 5K. I appreciate all of the great coaching and support you guys (and Lori too) have given me to keep trying and keep improving. I was so proud tonight, I was crying at the end. For my son to see me not give up meant the world to me! I think he gained a
whole new respect for me. I know I have a lot of work to continue to do to get in shape, and having such great coaches gives me the courage and
determination I need to get there.
- Terry M.